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A size-adjustable pulmonary valve for pediatric patients



  • Surgically implanted pulmonary valve replacement

  • Novel biomimetic bileaflet design

  • Inspired by the geometry of the human venous valve

  • Fully synthetic 

  • Functions across a wide range of diameters

  • Customizable implant diameter

  • Designed to be balloon expanded via minimally invasive transcatheter approach as the patient grows

Autus Valve Technologies, Inc. is a medical device company developing the Autus Valve - a novel synthetic size-adjustable surgical pulmonary valve replacement device for pediatric patients


See below for references*


Approximate number of children born with congenital heart disease each year


Approximate number of children born with pulmonary valve disease each year.


Approximate number of children (newborn to 18 years of age) living with congenital heart disease.


Approximate number of children (newborn to 18 years of age) living with pulmonary valve disease.


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CAUTION: ­­ Investigational device. Limited by Federal (United States) law to investigational use.

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